Six of the best PDF and eBook Converters

If you are pressed for time in finding a suitable PDF converter or eBook app, this post can help. You may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available. If so, then our mini-selection might just be your answer.

From the products in our list of PDF and eBook converters, we have tracked which products received the most interest, by search volume, over the past year. This top six represents a good group of popular products for the undecided to choose from.

Before using any products, particularly online services, it is advisable to carefully review the respective privacy policies, terms of service and user agreements.

1. Able2Extract (

This product is undoubtedly among the best PDF tools on the market with an impressive array of functions. The product offers both online and offline versions with many free functions and a powerful pro suite. For learning purposes, there is a comprehensive library that offers an extensive collection of “how-to” conversion instructions.

2. Convert Files (

This online service offers an almost unlimited and extensive assembly of file conversion formats. If you have a conversion task for a lesser-used file format then you will most likely find a solution here. The service is free but is accompanied by substantial advertising.

3. Any eBook Converter (

This product will handle conversions between all popular file formats. There are separate downloadable apps for eBooks and Audio Books. The free trial version allows for conversion of one single file at a time. The full version has several purchase options including an unlimited lifetime subscription.

4. Calibre (

To quote the website description, “calibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager”. It is an extremely popular and completely free open-source product that will work on almost any device. The built-in features cover everything eBook related. Additionally, there is an extensive library of plugins contributed by an enthusiastic group of users.

5. Adobe Acrobat (

Who better to trust with PDF file conversions than the inventor of the PDF format itself? In addition to a free online trial of the popular Acrobat application, Adobe offers a comprehensive set of free online conversion apps. The various conversion results can be either downloaded or, by signing up for a free trial account, stored and further processed online.

6. Zamzar (

This is a subscription-based cloud service particularly useful for large projects. The free version provides for file conversions with certain limits. Also available is an API that allows users to build their own interface to the conversion services. Zamzar supports an extensive and growing set of file formats.


In summary, the number of PDF and eBook conversion apps is seemingly endless. Our list of products is a broad subset of the total available. The six products featured here are currently among the most popular with our website visitors.