How to Find the Best PDF Converter


There are many different PDF converter apps available. So how do you quickly find the best one for your situation without endless searching? offers a simple solution by presenting a choice of popular products in an easy-to-read, online database. All the alternatives are summarized in one single page, making it quick and easy to narrow your search, find the features you need and save valuable time.

Getting Started

Some readily available PDF solutions are provided by well-known, everyday programs which you may not have even considered. In fact, most standard programs these days are able to read or write PDF files. You will recognize many of these programs in the displayed list.

There are applications for every occasion and for every budget, including many free tools. The first step is to decide on your criteria. Is it a one-off task, a simple conversion, a big repetitive assignment, etc? Do you desire a stand-alone desktop app or a web-based online service? The next step is as easy as 1-2-3, using the Quick-Search feature.

Using Quick-Search

The quick-search feature of filters out a smaller group of products from the full list. You can enter any desired features in the search-box (separated by spaces). For example, if you were seeking an HTML converter with the ability to edit the generated PDF file, then you would specify “html edit pdf” in the search-box. This would filter out a relevant group of products from the full list for further scrutiny. The more criteria you enter, the better. Other search examples would include file formats e.g. “docx pptx jpeg”, or terms such as “win mac linux app web”, etc. Entering the word “multi” would select all those products supporting multiple conversion formats.

Making the final choice

Having filtered out a shortlist of viable products, the next step is to visit the individual product websites for full details.

Some products are entirely free while most offer a free version or a free trial and a paid pro version. Most products can handle regular file formats. The less usual file formats will be limited to fewer products.

On a final note, the database is created from information provided by the individual product websites. Many of these products are under continual development and not all information is readily available, therefore discrepancies may occur in the product search. The most recent information should be obtained by visiting the individual product websites. Happy converting!

Zinepal Update

The Zinepal database was originally created to assist Zinepal users in finding an alternative product for their Website-to-eBook conversion needs.

Due to the significant response, we decided to continue providing this database indefinitely. Since the number of featured products is currently more than sufficient, it is not intended to increase the product list beyond 50 entries in total. We believe the present list offers a good sampling of conversion products from the multitude of products available but we will add to the list as necessary.

Many of the products are well-known but others are lesser-known. We do not make any recommendations and users should perform their own due diligence before utilizing any of the products listed.

Zinepal News

After ten years of successful operation, Zinepal is moving to a new platform and suspending its popular Web-Page To eBook service from the end of 2018.

In the meantime, our revised website will provideĀ a regularly updated list of alternative products. Although there is no exact replacement for Zinepal, we are confident this list will enable users to locate an app which satisfies their immediate needs. It is our intention to introduce an updated version of our own special product at a future date.

The current array of conversion apps features a multitude of offerings. Zinepal is proud to haveĀ been a pioneer in this field and we are pleased that Zinepal’s unique approach enabled it to stand out and differentiate itself from others. We thank all our subscribers for their patronage and valuable feedback.