Realtors, marketers and other professionals use Zinepal to create eBooks as newsletters and reports for their clients.

NOTICE TO USERS: The Zinepal service will end on December 31, but our website will display a list of alternative services. Users should download copies of all their ebooks before year-end as these will be unavailable thereafter. For more details please contact us.

Zinepal for Professionals

Today's professionals need to reach both online and offline clients. While many people read blogs there still is a large percentage of clients that do not. These more traditional clients still need to stay informed about your business.

Providing offline materials is also a great way to reach casual readers that would not normally read your blog. By distributing printed materials in offices and meeting places your business may catch the attention of new clients.

Zinepal is the easiest way to provide both online and offline content. Simply continue writing your blog as you normally would, then use Zinepal to create eBooks and PDFs from your blog.

Coffeeshop News

Try leaving your printed newsletter in local coffee shops and meeting places. It's a great way to attract new clients through casual reading.

Example Newsletter

A newsletter created by a realtor. Adding a logo to your publication will make it look much more professional.