Create eBooks for your eBook reader. Schedule Zinepal to automatically make eBooks from your favorite blogs and websites.

NOTICE TO USERS: The Zinepal service will end on December 31, but our website will display a list of alternative services. Users should download copies of all their ebooks before year-end as these will be unavailable thereafter. For more details please contact us.

Zinepal for eBooks

Zinepal is the easiest way to create eBooks in ePub, Kindle, Mobipocket and PDF formats from online content.

eBook authors use Zinepal to make eBooks from their blogs and other content. It is also possible to start with a blank eBook and compose stories directly using Zinepal.

Owners of eBook readers use Zinepal to create eBooks with stories from their favorite feeds and websites. This functionality enables owners to create their own custom newspapers and magazines for their eBook reader.

eBook Delivery

Create eBooks and have them delivered on a regular schedule. New issues will be mailed to your eBook reader as they become available.

Morning News

Make eBooks from RSS feeds of local news sites. Now you can read the news on your Kindle at the breakfast table!

Example eBook

An example eBook based on various blogs. It is delivered directly to eBook readers on a regular basis.