Create eBooks from your blog! Use Zinepal to make eBooks and PDF versions of your blog. It's the easiest way to create an eBook from your blog.

NOTICE TO USERS: The Zinepal service will end on December 31, but our website will display a list of alternative services. Users should download copies of all their ebooks before year-end as these will be unavailable thereafter. For more details please contact us.

Zinepal for Bloggers

Create eBooks from your blog! eBooks and printed newsletters are a great way to reach an additional audience and monetize your blog.

Making eBooks from your blog is easy with Zinepal. You can provide the eBooks for free to reach users of eBook readers or you can sell them as value added features. Many bloggers create eBooks with blog posts on specific topics and then sell them as special bundles.

Hyperlocal bloggers can also use Zinepal to create a print version of their blog and distribute it in their neighbourhood. By adding adverts to the print version this provides a high-value monetization channel for your blog. Casual readers in coffee shops and on public transit can also translate into regular online readers.

Feeds & Kindles

Create an eBook from your blog's feed, then link to it from your blog to let owners of eBook readers subscribe.

Example eBook

The "More Than Luck" eBook - created from the blog of the Australian Centre for Policy Development.