Create eBooks and newsletters for your members and fans. Distribute them at events, clubhouses or other venues.

NOTICE TO USERS: The Zinepal service will end on December 31, but our website will display a list of alternative services. Users should download copies of all their ebooks before year-end as these will be unavailable thereafter. For more details please contact us.

Zinepal for Clubs and Associations

It is important for clubs and associations to stay in touch with their members. In addition to online blogs and eBooks, many people also like to read club newsletters in printed form at their club houses or other events.

Zinepal provides an easy solution for clubs and associations to create eBooks and newsletters for their members. The eBooks can be e-mailed or provided in print form at club houses, sporting events, fairs and other occasions.

Advertise Your Club

Make eBooks and printed newsletters to use at community fairs and other events in your community.

Inform Your Members

Distributing printed newsletters at clubhouses and sporting events is a great way to keep your members informed of club activities.

Example Newsletter

Have a look at the UK Theatre Weekly eBook and newsletter from the UK Theatre Network.