Use Zinepal to create eBooks from online content like blogs, feeds and web sites.Zinepal can make eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.Convert your blog and other web content into eBooks and printable PDFs.Creating eBooks with Zinepal is easy. To create your eBook just select content from blogs, RSS feeds and web pages.Zinepal is the easiest way to create eBooks in multiple formats.

NOTICE TO USERS: The Zinepal service will end on December 31, but our website will display a list of alternative services. Users should download copies of all their ebooks before year-end as these will be unavailable thereafter. For more details please contact us.

Customize Your eBook

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Add a new story using the button below or select stories from blogs and feeds.

If your eBook is not e-mailed, then you have to visit Zinepal to read it.
If you do not publish your eBook, then other Zinepal users will not be able to view it and it will not be e-mailed to any of your subscribers.
You can automatically publish your eBook on Scribd. To setup your Scribd account go to your profile.
Enter some keywords that describe your eBook and help other users find it.
An introduction to include at the start of your eBook.
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You can insert images at the bottom of each page in your eBook. Move the images in the list to change their order.
If there are more pages than images, then the last image will appear on the last page.

You can upload PNG, JPG, GIF images and PDF files.
If you had a Zinepal Pro Account you could save a template of your eBook and re-use it later on.
Important: You should "Update Preview" as many times as needed. After you "Finalize eBook" it cannot be changed!